Data ingestion from classic SAP BW

Data ingestion from classic SAP BW

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Virtual objects

  • Virtual data model (no data persistency)
  • full data load only (or very limited support for delta loading in specific cases)

Persisted objects

  • Data objects are persisted on disk
  • full + delta load of data

Recommended data ingestion strategy



  • keeping DSO → Info Cubes business logic (no reengineering needed for those objects)
  • copying data 1:1 from Info Cubes and possibly also from DSO
  • both full and delta loading support
  • help you avoid performance bottlenecks typically caused by virtual objects (Multi Providers, BEx Queries)


  • Delta/incremental updates from Info Cubes may not always work (needs testing case by case)
  • Business logic in BEx queries - must be rebuilt in Databricks or moved to InfoCubes/DSO objects to prevent logic duplication
  • Reengineering will be needed if/after BW is migrated to BW/4HANA
  • Master Data always requires a full load

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