Why SAP & Databricks?

Why SAP & Databricks?

Overcoming SAP‘s limitations with Databricks

1. Hard to integrate SAP and non-SAP data

Due to the proprietary data format.

Databricks’ Solution: SAP & non-SAP data can be easily integrated into the datalake and stored in the open-source Delta format

2. Limited access to SAP data from non-SAP tools

Do you use PowerBI, Tableau, or other 3rd party apps? An extra SAP license is needed. Expect performance challenges as well.

Databricks’ Solution: Data can be directly read from the datalake by any tool

3. No (near) real-time reporting support

SAP BW data are usually updated daily only.

Databricks’ Solution: Ingest and process all data in real-time thanks to Delta Live Tables and CDC support in Delta.

4. New data use-cases takes forever to implement

Due to SAP complexity and shortage of SAP experts

Databricks’ Solution: Shorter time-to-market, better solution quality by using modern development approaches and automation

5. Limited Machine Learning & data-science tooling

Databricks’ Solution: Databricks offers all the modern tooling and processes to support machine-learning first use-cases

6. Multiple copies of the same data

=> complex governance and compliance

Databricks’ Solution: A single copy of data can be easily gated using the Unity Catalog or securely shared via the Delta Sharing

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