SAP Note 3255746: Unpermitted usage of ODP

Unpermitted usage of ODP Data Replication APIs

On February 2nd, 2024, SAP updated the SAP Note 3255746 to prohibit the use of ODP API for 3rd party applications. This change may impact your ability to ingest data from SAP to Databricks via Azure DataFactory, Qlik Replicate, and other non-SAP data ingestion tools.

While SAP Notes are not legally binding, SAP may eventually include these ODP limitations into client contracts.

What is SAP ODP?

SAP ODP is a main framework that enables real-time data extraction from SAP ERP (ECC, S/4HANA) and other SAP systems and non-SAP sources.

General Consequences

  • In the longer run, the non-SAP data ingestion tools may lose the capability to extract data via the ODP framework, specifically:
    • Azure DataFactory
    • Qlik Replicate
    • HVR/Fivetran
    • Google Cloud Data Fusion
    • SNP Glue
  • SAP Data Intelligence/Datasphere may become the only tool capable of ingesting data from SAP ERP systems (CDSViews, RAW tables, …)
  • Ingestion tools that use ODP via OData (like AWS AppFlow) should not be affected, however such tools are not suitable for larger-scale data ingestion
  • Ingestion via SAP Extractors will likely still be permitted (via SAPI)
  • Ingestion from SAP BW via the OpenHub should not be impacted, however such solution is not very practical when ingesting many SAP data sources
What is a CDSView?

SAP CDSView is a new Data Definition Language (DDL) that enables developers to define persistent data models, as well as the business logic that operates on that data, within the SAP HANA database.

CDSViews are commonly used in the data extraction process, as they abstract data consumers from low-level SAP raw application tables.

Recommended Compliant SAP Data Extraction Tools

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