Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications


Sending real-time notifications based on enriched SAP data is not possible using the standard SAP stack (SAP BW, …)


  • “Notify the customer ASAP when his order is finished and shipped”
  • Notify me ASAP when some product leaves the production line/warehouse”


  1. Send SAP data directly from ERP → Databricks (skip SAP BW)
  2. enrich the SAP data with some other data (CRM, 3rd party data, …)
  3. trigger a notification/API call directly from the Databricks pipeline

Data needed: Table-level SAP data from a primary system ECC or S/4, CRM data, 3rd party data

Tools needed: any SAP-compatible real-time data ingestion tool

Expected effort/budget needed:

  • data integration project: 100 - 150 MDs (depending on the maturity of your Databricks adoption)
  • tooling: €40k - €100k per year for data ingestion tool fees, Databricks compute, cloud storage and I/Os