SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence ingestion

  • Best compatibility (made directly by SAP)
  • 3+ years on the market
  • Real-time CDC-based data ingestion
  • Cloud option from €3000/month
  • Self-hosted option ~€900 000 one-time fee
  • Self-hosted requires an internal team to operate
  • A lot of custom development needed

Rough costs estimation for cloud-premise SAP Data Intelligence

  • Data size: ~15 TB/month, Activities: data ingestion + processing
  • Storage - 16k EUR
  • Data Ingestion infrastructure costs (Kubernetes) – 15k EUR
  • VMs for Databricks clusters - 40k EUR
  • Databricks DBUs - 32k EUR

= ~100k EUR monthly

Our offering:

  • Configuration templates for SAP DI (acts as data integration tool)
  • Our pre-built SAP→DataLake Parquet/Delta writers for Azure blob storage/AWS S3
  • Real-time data ingestion support
  • Pre-build operational monitoring setup (Grafana, Prometheus, …)
  • Best practices for the full/incremental data load setup