SAP BW Migration Questionnaire

SAP BW Migration Questionnaire

Migration motivation

BW is costly
New use-cases that require integration of SAP and non-SAP data. Can you provide us with some examples?
Performance issues with BW
Need the ability to use modern analytical tools like PowerBI/Tableau and python
… anything else?


  1. Already using Azure/AWS/GCP?
  2. Already using Databricks?
  3. Already ingested some SAP data into Databricks?
  4. Are any SAP-related hard deadlines coming soon? SAP license needs to be extended, hardware SAP hardware is coming out of support, …?

Data sources

  1. Are you using ECC or S/4HANA?
  2. How many instances do you have? (example: 2x ECC, 1x S/4HANA). Do you need all of them to be extracted into BW?
  3. Where does your SAP ERP infrastructure run?
    1. on-premise
    2. cloud-premise (SAP infrastructure running in the cloud)
    3. SAP RISE
  4. Any other SAP and non-SAP data sources that need to be ingested in BW?


  1. Are you using BW classic, BW on HANA or BW/4HANA?
  2. How many instances of BW do you have?
  3. How old is it approximately in years?
  4. How much data do you have stored in your SAP BW (in GBs, approximately)?
  5. How many SAP-named users access your SAP BW (approximately)?

Reporting layer

  1. Which reporting tool do you you? SAP BO, SAP Lumira, SAP Analytics Cloud
  2. How many reports/dashboards do you currently have approximately in SAP tools?
  3. Do you already use PowerBI or Tableau in your company?
    1. How much content do you have in PowerBI/Tableau compared to your SAP reporting tool? Is it more like 10:90 or 50:50?
    2. What type of use-cases do you have in PowerBI/Tableau?
    3. Do you need some of your reports to be updated in real-time?

Migration strategy

  1. Start building new use-cases and migrate existing content along the way?
  2. Would you like to migrate all historical data from BW to Databricks as well? Do you have any idea how much historical data you have?
  3. Databricks vs. BW/4HANA?
    1. migrate everything to Databricks
    2. migrate some modules to Databricks, some to BW/4HANA?
  4. Do you need any data to be ingested in real-time?
  5. Any security requirements?
    1. Is the usage of cloud private networking/private endpoints required for data transfers (increases costs significantly)?
    2. Anything else?