Revenue Insights SAP data use-cases

Revenue Insights

Target customer: FMCG Producers / Companies with a large customer base / Retailers / E-commerce

Business Case

Understand the long-term impacts of trade terms, pricing and discounts on your sales. Optimize your product mix. Consider market cannibalism. Rethink segmentation.

Questions from the client

  • Which causes major¬†leakage in our discount structure?
  • Which products are defining our segments? What is the effect of market cannibalism¬†on our company?
  • Which product should we stop selling/replace with a new product?

Our Solution

We use advanced business intelligence for smart portfolio management. By analysing historical sales, digitalised trade terms and market data, we identify revenue leakage, unfavourably stipulated terms and key value items and categories.

This enables businesses to see their products from another perspective and optimise their portfolio - eliminate ineffective products, navigate negotiations, manage campaign ROIs and find the best-selling product options.

Input data sources

Built (in most cases) on Retail Smart Data Model. Compound primary key of Outlet x Week x SKU + joined data e.g.:

Outlet info
Product info
Weather info