Promo analytics SAP data use-cases

Promo analytics

Target customer: FMCG Producers / Companies with a large customer base / Retailers / E-commerce

Business Case

FMCG companies use various promotion mechanics, like discounts, to improve sellout. By using advanced analytics they can make informed decisions about future promotions and keep a good relationship with retailers, by showing the value such promotions bring them.

Questions from the client

  • How effective past promotions are? What was ROI?
  • What was the impact of various factors like the depth of discount, stockpiling, portfolio cannibalization, weather, etc.?
  • Drill down from coarse geographies and product categories down to individual outlets and SKUs (depending on data availability)

Our Solution

The key is to consolidate a high-quality dataset about the sellout data and various factors that can influence the sellout quantities: mainly the promotion data (depth of discount, duration, leaflet information etc...), knowledge of own and competitors' substitute products, weather, etc.