Demand forecasting SAP data use-cases

Demand forecasting


Goal: Provide understandable predictions in your reporting system and their usage to automate subsequent processes.

  • outlets sales forecasting - risk model for quick loans/factoring
  • POS newspapers distribution optimization
  • POS lottery tickets distribution optimization
  • demand forecasting for supply chain optimization

Our solution

We use high-performance, interpretable machine learning models (e.g. TFT) which consider product relations (cannibalization), seasonality, promotion, new products and POS.

Input data sources

Most of the data are ingested from SAP S/4 or ECC.

  • Historical sales (transactions – Products, Outlets)
  • Product data (Attributes, descriptions)
  • Marketing campaigns & advertising (SalesForce Marketing cloud data)
  • POS information (Location, setup..,)
  • Competition (Pricing of competition)
  • Public data (Weather, lockdowns…)