Cloud Data Fusion

Cloud Data Fusion

Cloud Data Fusion Ingestion


  • the Open Data Protocol (OData) enables data access and manipulation via HTTP requests
  • does not require any transport file or additional configuration in the SAP system
  • plugin supports full loads only based on entity sets or service documents
  • does not depend on SLT
  • performance may be worse compared to the ODP plugin.
  • may not support real-time data ingestion as it depends on the frequency of API calls
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  • uses the Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) protocol developed by SAP.
  • full and incremental loads support both full and incremental loads based on delta queues or change pointers.
  • very flexible - supports various ODP contexts such as ABAP CDS views, BW extractors, HANA views, etc.
  • SAP Remote Function Module (RFM) needs to be installed on each SAP Server where data gets extracted (may need additional authorization)
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SLT Replication

  • the SLT Replication plugin lets you replicate your data continuously and in real-time from SAP sources into BigQuery.
  • reads data from Cloud Storage that has been pushed by the SLT.
  • requires setup of the SLT Replication Server which may incur additional costs and complexity.
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